On December 28 2015, we booked the Thanh Toan Tour which consisted of biking, fishing, and a cooking class, plus visiting the Thanh Toan Bridge, local market and museum. Lots of activities packed into a rainy morning that was brightened by Hong and her team.

We left our hotel (the Grace Hotel in Hue) at 8:30 a.m. we biked to Thanh Toan village where we first visited the market, then the bridge and the museum. It started raining lightly and Hong ran to buy us rain coats for the rest of the trek. We then boarded two boats for the three of us plus Hong and two "drivers", to go net fishing. We aught a few fish which were later cooked for us as part of the cooking class.

After the fishing we hopped on our bikes to head to Hong's restaurant where everything was ready for our cooking class. At this point our son was not feeling well and Hong ensured he received the appropriate care (medecine and rest). We cooked three different recipes; all were very very good. After our meal we walked in this quiet village.

When our son had regained his strength we biked back to the hotel with Hong. For us this tour was the highlight of our stay in Hue. It is highly recommended for the quality of the guide and for the quality of the hospitality. In our view Vietnam has amazing warm people and the people Thanh Toan Tours are some of the warmest we met during our trip. Thank you very much Hong!


Hong welcomed us to her wonderful out of town restaurant for a cookery lesson and sampling of exquisite local dishes. It really is a must if you want to experience the real Vietnam in a traditional setting with unsurpassed hospitality. After lunch we had a beautiful walk along the river through a traditional Vietnamese village and a visit to a small agricultural museum depicting the life of local farmers: what a great day!

I really enjoy the cycling along the river, on peaceful small road under the shade with very little traffic. It was a very peaceful ride and the opportunity to go through nice villages and discover a new side of Hué.

The boat ride and the fishing was amazing, and it was really nice to eat my own catch for lunch. Also the museum is a great way to learn more about life in the countryside. 

Thanks you so much for this tour

Delightful and Delicious!

Our fishing trip and cooking class exceeded our expectations. We were met promptly, greeted and our activities were well planned. Hong and the Thanh Toan staff were very friendly and made sure our experience was fun, true to local customs, and positive. Thank you for making our trip to the Hue countryside memorable.


I've been to Hue with my best friend. We were offered this tour straight away after entering the hotel reception so we took a risk and accepted it. I could just say it was really worth it. Thank you guys for unforgettable experience and memories! We've done so many activities and enjoyed them so much. I would recommend this tour for everyone: couples, individuals, families.. For sure nobody would be disappointed :) Darek
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