History of Thanh Toan Village


The village of Thanh Toan was founded in 1471. Upon returning to hue from a successful conquer of the South led by king Le Thanh Tong, several military officials from Thanh Hoa settled and founded the village and its main 13 family lines.

Thanh Toan was the village's original nam. During the reign of King Thieu Tri (1941-1947), this was changed to Thanh Thuy, as in the Han scrip, the original was similar ro the King'real name, and so considered taboo. Today, it is known as both Thanh Toan and Thanh Thuy Chanh.

A long-standing agricultural village in the Tuan Hoa region, Thanh Toan still preserves many of the serene and ancient architectural structures from its history. Beside ornate temples and shrines, the ancestral houses of local families are also intricately decorated

The villafe is also well-known for the Thanh Toan tiled bridge, which crosses the Nhu y river, recognized as a piece of national heritage for its cultural and architecture values. From the abundant rice fields, and the peaceful, happy lives, often rises the song:

If you are going to the Thanh Toan bridge, 
Please let me join you for a joyful trip. 

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