Take delight in sitting on the back of a Vespa scooter for a memorial ride through the scenic countryside of Hue. To learn about Vietnamese rural life, Vespa takes you on small country roads to the parts of Hue. The rural markets, family temples, village pagodas and all local housegradually expose in the eyes of tourists with a multitude of excitement. Stop at Thanh Toan Eco Home, a local bamboo restaurant located nearby the Thanh Toan bridge that should not miss during your tour. The combination of Vespa and Cooking class is a new way to explore the hidden charms of Hue.

Our guide and Vespa driver pick up you at hotel. The trip starts at your hotel where you have a tour briefing so you can get yourself prepared for a variety of sightseeing and photo opportunities.  

We escape the city center of Hue,  our Vespa will go throught the small zig zag roads to the countryside. On the way, you can’t help surprising to catch the images of the bustling morning local market, the green rice fields, majestic family temples as well as the daily life of local people crossing the zigzag path of the village. Stop for a while so that tour guide can explain about Vietnamese villages and such places of worship.

Stop and take a look lively village market “Dạ Lê market” where most female villagers come every day to buy and sell their produce.

When we come to Thanh Toan Village, taking a walk around the village, stop by the Farming Tools Museum for a glimpse of local farming customs before reaching to Thanh Toan Eco Home to show your excellent skills in cooking Hue local foods.
Learn the traditional ways of preparing and cooking Hue specialties. After the lesson, enjoy what you have just cooked and some other dishes of restaurant to fully pack your stomach. Drive back to your hotel, end of your day trip with cooking class. Thank you and See you again!

Hue Cooking Class Tour and Vespa Tour
Hue Cooking Class Tour by Vespa 

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